2013 Honda Accord Maintains Sleek, Simple Design

Although the 2013 Honda Accord isn’t yet available for sale and official details are rather thin, there has been some information that was leaked online that gives us a bit more information about this vehicle. The car is expected to go on sale later in September.

The Honda Accord is a popular model that is now in its 9th generation. One thing that contrasts many of its competitors in the mid-sized class is that it will be available in both the sedan and coupe versions. There aren’t many changes expected to be made to the overall platform, with the 2013 model being based on a slightly modified and more modern version of the 2012 model’s architecture.

There will be a few powertrain options available for the 2013 model of the Honda Accord. A powerful 3.5 liter V-6 will be offered, even though in a quest to make more fuel efficient cars, many competitors are getting rid of their V-6 models at the moment. The most popular powertrain option is expected to be the 4 cylinder model, with a direct injection 2.4 liter engine, giving 181 horsepower. Both a 6 speed manual transmission and a CVT automatic are going to be available.

There is also a plug-in hybrid version of the car, which comes with a 161 horsepower electric motor and a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine. The driver can select from a fully electric mode for best fuel economy in the city, a hybrid one and finally a mode called “direct drive” which will use only the gas engine, resulting in the best performance. As a sedan, the 2013 Honda Accord doesn’t offer as much storage space as an SUV, but for cross country moves, one could rent storage space from a place like www.Storage-Mart.com to temporarily store some of their belongings.

Some leaked pictures of the car’s interior make it look similar to the 2012 Honda CRV. There are some changes that appear on the dashboard. The analog speedometer is larger and has a digital trip computer in the center. To the right we will find a digital display that can show information such as maps. Below it, we have a touch screen HondaLink system, which is a digital computer capable of interfacing with online radio stations and sending out text messages. It can also access social media features, like getting information from Twitter. The system works by interfacing with a smartphone, which can be connected either through a USB port or by Bluetooth.

With everything considered, the 2013 Honda Accord shows a lot of promise for consumers. It has interesting features to making driving more convenient, as well as a choice of powertrains that is sure to suit the needs of almost any driver.Similar Posts:


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