The 2013 Ford F-150 debuts with some slight changes

Many of the current auto makers do major overhauls to their product lines every few years in an attempt to keep things fresh. Ford, however, has been doing slight change roll outs to several of it’s models for the past few years and it seems to be paying off. The latest to benefit from this timeline is the 2013 F-150.

Ford’s best selling pickup gets a very slight make over for 2013. There are several new wheel styles in the 18 and 20 inch range as well as the addition of the evolving MyFord Touch system. The biggest change this year is the new front fascia. It has been reshaped to more closely resemble the Ford Super Duty and also has been given the addition of H.I.D headlights. This form of evolution seems to be paying off big time for Ford. It keeps the model familiar to everyone while still providing updates to keep owners coming back for more. I would think it also keeps the cost down over doing an entire model retool without seeing public opinion until you’ve spent the money on the roll out. All in all Ford seems to continue to do things right, especially when it comes to the F-150.


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