Get Your Oil Changed at Family Tire & Service in Grapevine, TX

Grapevine TX auto repairIt is common knowledge that your car requires essential maintenance to continue running smoothly and efficiently. One of the most common forms of maintenance your car can need is an oil change, which is recommended every three months, or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. These types of services are best handled by a professional auto repair shop. Our Grapevine TX auto repair experts at Family Tire & Service can complete this repair service for you in an efficient manner, getting you back on the road in no time.

As routine as this service can be, many people are not aware as to why our vehicles require them. Over time, the oil in our cars will chemically break down, making it necessary to add new oil into your car to keep it running smoothly. As oil gets older, it loses its greasing tendency and can become harmful to your engine and transmission. This is why it is crucial that we replace the oil in our vehicles regularly, as a simple repair service can prevent a much larger problem.

To check the oil level in your vehicle, simply park on level ground and find the oil dipstick under your front hood. Allow the oil to settle for a minute or two, then pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean. After inserting and removing the dipstick again, you should be able to see your current oil levels on the end of the stick. If your oil reading looks lower than it should be, a professional oil change is necessary for your vehicle to maintain peak performance.

For additional information regarding an oil change in your area, contact our Grapevine TX auto repair experts at 817-488-5520 or contact us online.

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