For Leak Detection, Check the Color

Leak Detection in AutomobilesA stain on your driveway can be a sure-fire sign of a major problem within your automobile’s system. Many people automatically assume the worst when their car or truck leaks fluid, but these stains can easily be determined by noticing the color.

If you notice a red tint in a stain, then that could be an indication of a transmission leak, which is one of the worst leaks an automobile can have. If you notice a stain with a yellowish color, you may have a brake fluid leak, which also is a high-priority issue. Notice of these stains should result in an immediate trip to one of our Grapevine TX mechanics.

If you happen to notice a leak that is dark brown or off-black in color, it could be a variety of things. There’s a chance you could be leaking motor oil. There’s also a chance it could be sludge, particularly if you drove during a storm or light rain. If you notice the stain, do not take any chances, as an untreated problem could result in a major issue down the road.

Our Grapevine TX auto care company want to make sure your car is safe at all times, and we will provide quality service for any car and truck that is in need. Give our Grapevine mechanics at Family Tire & Service a call today, or contact us online for details about fluid leak detection.

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