Winter Tires: Are They Needed Here?

Snow TireWith all of the ice and snow that has invaded the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and with all the accidents that have occurred because of the ice and snow, many people are considering trading in their old tires for a set of new snow tires.

Before you make that decision, do yourself a favor – don’t.

Because of the predominantly warm climate in the area, it’s best to stay with your all-season tires. Performance winter tires such as snow tires, M+S (mud and snow) tires or studded tires are designed especially for those who live and work in places where winters are cold from start to finish. You will see more people from the eastern and northern states with these tires.

Consider the fact, in addition, that performance winter tires are more expensive to purchase. You could pay more than $ 100 per tire even at discount locations.

When it comes to the unorthodox icy conditions of the Metroplex, it may be best to just stay at home. The performance winter tires may serve as peace of mind, but in this area, they aren’t really necessary. Let our Grapevine TX car specialists assist you with choosing the proper tire for your automobile. Give us a call today, or visit us online for more details.

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