Is the ‘3,000-Mile Oil change’ Still the Norm?

Think back to your very first car. It may not have been the prettiest car on the road. It may not have been the biggest car or even the car with all the fancy gadgets and interior.

But it was yours, and you it took care of it. When mechanics and other father figures told you to change your oil every 3,000 miles, you did it. If you didn’t have the money for it, you found a way. Why? Because having that first car was just like taking care of your first child.

As cars and technology improve each year, the 3,000-mile oil change becomes a little more flexible. There are many cars out now that can go 5,000, 8,000, even 10,000 miles before its first oil change. It all depends on the model car, the amount of driving you do and how much stop-and-go driving is performed.

Oil is used to lubricate all moving parts of a car. It’s also essential in preventing corrosion, as well as cooling the engine. Over a span of roughly three to four months, oil will lose its greasing capability, which results in the periodic changing. The last thing you want is to run your car with old oil that could shut down your entire system.

Be sure to speak with our Grapevine TX professionals to find out more about the oil changes for your car.

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