Show Your Status with Status Wheels

Status Wheels

Status LogoThe Status Wheels collection is just that – they’ll show the world that you’re a boss. These wheels do not skimp on the looks. They feature one of the most popular looks today in aftermarket wheels. The matte black on chrome look is exploding. When the tire is in motion it looks like the chrome is spinning in the ether. Like a floating blur that will definitely catch everyone’s eye whether they like it or not. It’s one of those things that people have to look at more closely to get an idea of what is going on. You’ll probably have people walking toward your car.

Getting Chrome on your Status Wheels

Chrome plating on a wheel increases the value of your wheels and your car as a whole. Status wheels will be able to hook you up with a ton of chrome wheels.  That car is going to depreciate in value unless you do something about it. Equipping your ride with chrome can solve that depreciation problem. Creating a unique look for that car can help you sell it for a lot more later on. That one of a kind look will drive the price of your ride up even if the blue book value of the base model is going down. People will want to collect it and you’ll be the smart investor. You’ll be showing off your status.

The Status wheels collection features rims like the Opus. The Opus is all about the bling. Chrome spokes are etched into a shield of gloss black. There is very little space for anyone to see the brake pads and shoes behind the wheel on the Opus. It is an opaque option.

Status Knight 5 Black Wheels

Status Knight 5 Black Wheels

Status Rims Knight Series

The Knight is a different story. Machine polished steel sits on just on top of gloss black. The Knight features eight wicked spokes and an emblem design in the middle. The interior hub of the exposed wheel is also gloss black. Rivets glitter with polished steel all the way around the hub.

The Status Trojan is nothing but chrome. This one will really show everyone that you are a boss. Status rims also offer six aggressive spokes come out from a cupped center. The whole thing is rimmed with rivets and the entire rig is electroplated with chrome. These things will be sparkling from a mile away.

The only toned down option in the Status wheels collection is the Trooper. There are eight thick spokes coming from a machine polished core. The emblem is simple and it all sits on top of glass black. Rivets are small but glitter against the black the entire way around the wheel.

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Your Guide To Finding Pirelli Tires

Pirelli Tires

Pirelli tires is one of the finest tire companies in the world. Their home is in Italy. Pirelli creates tires for different types of vehicles including cars, motorcycles, racing motorsports and trucks. Their tires are produced to get the best possible comfort and performance on all types of streets and conditions that is thrown at them.

How long have Pirelli tires been around?

Pirelli tires have been in the tire game for over one hundred years and counting. They are perfecting the art of tire manufacturing. They concentrate the emphasis of putting together safety, stability, and handling. They are made to give the best execution even in not to so good weather conditions at fast speeds.

Pirelli is an an industry leader for a hi tech tire and great element of design. Pirelli’s reputation is at the top of the globe right now. You will find these tires on numerous high end luxury trucks, SUVs and cars.

What are some tire models?

Pirelli tires produce a ton of different tire models to make a selection from. Some of the models you can choose from Pirelli are: P6 Four Seasons, Cinturato P7 tires, Scorpion Verde, Scorpion Ice & Snow tires, P4 Four Seasons and a lot of others.

What does Pirelli Guarantee?

Pirelli Scorpion ZeroPirelli is going more green for the environment also while making sure they get out products with good security, comfort and life of the tires. Each of their tires is exclusively engineered and produced to help you get the feel for any type of roads to give you the ultimate performance from one of the top of the line tires. The Pirelli Cinturato P7 tire is especially produced to be environmentally friendly.

Pirelli’s goals are to make sure they meet and exceed all of their consumer’s requests that put together the ultra high performance technology while also using the “Green Performance philosophy”. Pirelli also manufactures excellent car tires. They are made to go beyond customers expectations. They also exceed the expectations from the tough requirements of the OE manufacturers.

Can I use Pirelli for racing?

Of course you can. If you are into the extreme side of things like auto racing then Pirelli tires is the tire that you are looking for. Pirelli has had a lot wins racing worldwide for over a 100 years. They produce these tires for the highest classes and demanding races all across the globe.

It does not matter the situation, what the outside conditions are like, what type of driving you are doing or the speeds you want to get up to that particular day. Pirelli tires will have something for you with the guarantee they will do their job with ease and comfort while you are in control of the wheel. Don’t wait on these awesome tires. Go today and  pick up a set of Pirelli’s.

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Look Like a Boss with these Boss Wheels

Boss Wheels

Boss Wheels LogoBoss Motorsport’s Wheels are made in America. Boss wheels have two manufacturing plants: one in California and the other in South Carolina. In these difficult financial times it is comforting to know exactly where your products are made. They bring you high quality wheels at wholesale price with a “Made in America” tag hanging from.

Boss 337 Chrome Wheels

Boss 337 Chrome Wheels

America has earned its reputation as a rugged automotive landscape and Boss Motorsports understands this. They understand that America prides itself on power, prowess and good looks. That’s why this company makes wheels with the American car in mind. Wheels are available that will fit any American made passenger vehicle or SUV.

You can trust Boss Wheels to give you what you need

America has earned its reputation as a rugged automotive landscape and Boss Motorsports understands this. This company, based in Chino,California, has been producing quality wheels for over 27 years! Their experience, the quality of their products and the fact they are made in America for American vehicles makes them an outstanding choice to suit your need for custom wheels.

The forging process is used to make these Boss wheels. The forge is a huge machine that condenses a billet. The billet eventually becomes your wheel. The immense amount of pressure put on the billet makes your car’s wheel virtually indestructible. The billet is pressed into a crude form and then machine finished to create the final piece. The end product comes out as a light, customizable and strong wheel.

Choose different finishes with Boss Wheels

You can choose from a variety of finishes. A machined finish refers to the look of the wheel once it is done being pressed into shape. It comes off the line and doesn’t see any more refining before it gets to your car. This results in a lathe cut pattern. They wheel isn’t exceptionally shiny and this is a good finish for SUVs or trucks. Boss Wheels give your vehicle a tough look.

The wheel can then be put through another polishing process. The first step is to put the wheel through a machine polisher and then it is given to a person for a hand polishing. This gives the wheel a finished look which is shiny but a step below chrome. Chrome is a layered metal treatment that is done by dipping the wheel in copper, nickel or chrome. This significantly increases the value of the wheel and gives a shiny, sleek look. So, if you want to look like a boss in your American ride then get yourself some Boss Wheels.

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Choosing American Racing Wheels

American Racing Wheels

American Racing LogoNobody does cars like American Racing Wheels. This United States based company is famous for its muscle cars, pickup trucks and street racers. American Racing has been around since the mid 50’s perfecting their wheel line. They are a very trusted company that is well known throughout the entire globe. The company strives to live up to the lofty expectations that the United States sets for it. This company understands the deep history and America’s hunger for automotive power, prowess and looks. This collection of wheels takes all of this into account. You can gear your ride up with looks and performance.

American Racing Wheels for the racing world

This company knows how to make wheels that spin right. They are deeply involved with competitive drag racing. Their wheels are tested in the lab, on the road and at the race track. You can trust wheels from a company that puts them to the test in the public eye at every race. Their success on the track should tell you something about their performance on the road.

Are American Racing Rims for me?

American Racing Salt Flat Wheels Rims

American Racing Salt Flat Wheels

Maybe you want looks. Look no further than the American Racing rims collection. Check out their vintage collection and gear your muscle car up with some looks. You can choose a variety of styles to meet any aesthetic. Pick up the Shelby tire for that see through the spokes look. It’s coated in chrome and ready to catch some eyes. Or you could choose an ode to an American automotive hot spot: the salt flats. The salt flat wheel gives you more visual coverage and comes in a toned down mat grey.

Racing is all about the performance as well as the looks. The company boasts an American Racing rims collection as well as an AR Performance collection. These wheels are for the serious racer, but they don’t skimp on the looks. The wheels are machined, weighted and balanced just right. They are sure to squeeze every drop of horsepower out of your rig.

Choosing the perfect American Racing Wheels

Be sure to get the right wheel. These are precision racing wheels and are designed for use with the proper vehicle. You’ll notice your car gripping the road better and giving you the ability to accelerate into those sharp turns. Your rig will get off the line fast and look better when equipped with American Racing Wheels. The wheels give you everything that the United States automotive movement stands for: looks, power and performance.

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Guide To Find The Perfect Redbourne Wheels

Redbourne Logo Land Rover Rims

Redbourne Hyper Black Duke Rims

Redbourne rims are designed exclusively for Land Rovers that give the luxury look while still having the capability for aggressive play, hauling loads, or just doing your every day commuting. The Range Rover is not your typical vehicle and they also demand a special rim that has been designed to carry the load of the Land Rover Range Rover. Redbourne wheels are made just for these purposes.

The Redbourne Range Rover wheels have been tested thoroughly for load ratings that are able to hold the heavy duty Land Rover chassis. If you have a Range Rover Sport, Range Rover, LR2 or LR3, Redbourne rims will be able to work for you.

What Sizes of Redbourne Rims Are Available?

Redbourne wheels will give that nice smooth ride and it will not let you down. You can go with the really neat looking 6 spoke wheel or Redbourne does offer other multiple spoke rims. You can get 18″, 20″ Land Rover rims, 22″ Land Rover rims, 20″ Range Rover wheels and 22″ Range Rover rims. There are plenty of different of sizes to get exactly what you are searching for.

Will my stock wheel hardware fit on Redbourne Wheels?

If you are worried that your stock TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors, center caps, or OE lug nuts will not be able to be fit the Redbourne rims lines, don’t worry. Everything that was just previously stated, Redbourne wheels are designed specifically to take all the stock accessories from your original Land Rover wheels. Now you can have your custom rims with the stock center caps to make it look all look like it just came from the factory.

What different finishes can I get with Redbourne Rims?

The finishes available in the Redbourne rims line are Hyper Black, Silver, Chrome, Gunmetal and White. If you like the chrome on black look or a unique look like black rims on a white vehicle, then you will not be let down. There is just enough different finishes to get you rolling down the road in style to go with any type of paint finish on your Range Rover.

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Selecting The Perfect Offroad Truck Tires

Jacked Up Ford TruckTruck tires are a must have for any type of truck. It does not matter if you have a smaller truck like a Ford Ranger or a semi-truck. Whatever the situation is you need to have good tires to be able to get around. Let’s talk a little more about the off road truck tires.

Which Tire Size is Right for Me?

Selecting the right tires can be a hard chore to do. The very first question you should ask yourself is: what size tire do I want to get and will I have to have to make any physical mod’s to the vehicle? Every truck has a standard sizes they use for stock tires. Start with the stock number then go up in sizes from there. There are a lot of resources around online to help you find the best fit that will suit you.

Off Road Truck Tires

If you are looking for bigger off road tires you need to keep some things in mind. The larger the tire, the more room you will need to prevent any type of rubbing against the fenders. A body lift may be what you need to get that clearance if you are going for that strong off road raised up body type of look. Although, the body lift will not get you any performance enhancements. If you want to increase on the performance side of things for the trails, you may want to consider a suspension lift to gain the wheel travel ability.

If you make the decision to put on big truck tires, it will make your vehicle work harder because of the additional weight from the tires. This will put a strain on your shocks and axles. The bigger tires will also change the gear ratio which is set by the manufacturer. To adjust for this and prevent any malfunctions, it is recommended that you purchase new performance shocks and ring and pinion gears.

Which Tire Should I Get for Off Roading?

off road bias truck tiresBias truck tires are produced specifically for off road driving. They are made to be in the deep mud and on the rough trails with the jagged rocks. The tread on this tire is designed to self-clean of any material like mud while going hard on the trails. The rubber compound that is used to manufacture these tires is softer than the regular road tires to help with traction in the off road situations. The sidewalls are also specifically reinforced to help prevent any damage from things like rocks and sticks.

off road radial truck tires


Radial truck tires are not really made for harsh terrain like the bias tires are. The performance radial tires give on pavement make up for that though. Radial tires will give a smooth ride, last longer and have better handling on paved roads. They are designed for the enthusiast that wants to go off road on weekends but also do a lot of city/highway driving.



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Velocity Wheels

Velocity Wheels LogoVelocity Wheels Are For You

Velocity wheels are one of the top leading manufacturers for high performance aftermarket aluminum wheels for cars, trucks, or SUV’s. The velocity company was started over 10 years ago in Los Angeles and still continues to thrive today. They are continually adding new wheels to their line each year.

Variety of Sizes for Velocity Wheels

Velocity Chrome Black 820 Wheels RimsVelocity rims come in a huge variety of sizes. You can choose from as small as 17 inch wheels all the way up to 28 inch rims. The colors range from chrome, chrome with black inserts and black and machined.

If you really want to give a unique look to your Velocity wheels then get the chrome wheels with inserts. The inserts are plastic pieces that you can easily paint to the color of your car or to any color in which you desire. It’s a very inexpensive way to get some very eye catching results.

You Don’t Have to Spend a lot on Velocity Wheels

Velocity wheels are very durable and strong. One of the top comments from consumers about these wheels is the competitive pricing. You don’t have to break your bank account to get some great custom wheels. The Velocity line has wheels for every type of wheel enthusiasts. You can get everything from classy looking wheels to big chrome wheels.

Picking out custom rims can be a tedious but yet a fun task to do. There are a lot of technical aspects behind selecting a set of rims and tires to ensure a proper fitment to give you the best ride and to ensure that your tires will get their full lifespan. If you are unsure on some of the technical aspects like what bolt pattern and offset do I need when trying to pick out the wheels you want for your ride then you may want to visit

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SPY VIDEO: 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Prototype

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Prototype was recorded on film by the crew at TFLCar, while taking a break from testing near Denver, Colorado. The next S-Class is set to be marketed as a 2014 model in North America and as a 2013 model elsewhere in the world

The high-tech features of the new S-Class will include the ‘Magic Light Control’ system that utilizes adaptive LEDs to illuminate the route ahead and the ‘Magic Body Control’ system that collects data from a camera scanning the road ahead to prepare the car’s electronically controlled suspension accordingly.

Another highlight of the W222 series will be the availability of several different body styles and editions such as the uber -luxurious, stretched-wheelbase Pullman variant, as Mercedes-Benz wants to compensate for the closure of the Maybach brand.Similar Posts:


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